Ice Man, Please Goeth

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I woke up this morning with an attitude
Looked at the headline,
Put me in a real bad mood – Don Henley

Saw snow on my poor car on April 15 and I thought it was a very bad, very late April Fool’s joke.

So I hoped this evil snow would melt from my dear auto. No such luck.

Had to drag my winter coat from the closet with the scarf and gloves.

After the brutal winter, I had enough of this foul weather. And I already had vowed NEVER to scrape snow off my vehicle again this season.

But snow persisted and freezing weather lingered.

Heard that a group of golfers on a local course took TWO hours to play the first two holes due to the wet and chilly weather. No word if they ever finished that round.

And, no, I wasn’t one of them.

I tell myself that soon, very soon, my winter coat and gloves will return to the back of my closet where they belong, and my golf clubs, nestled during the winter in my Pittsburgh Steelers golf bag, will be ready for action.

Maybe on one course I’ll find the bodies of those ill-fated golfers.



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