New Structure on the Eastern Division

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Milepost 824

I learned something recently. Yes, that may come as a shock that I’d admit that there was something I didn’t know but that’s a different story.

If you have been a reader of my musings for any period now, you know how much I like signal towers, interlocking towers, etc. So when I spied this little Tyco Signal Tower, I decided that I’d add ti to my collection. The Ebay transaction went smooth enough but when it arrived, it was a rather bright orangish-yellow and green. Since I’ve kinda/sorta adopted Nickel Plate colors of light gray & dark gray for my railroad buildings, this just wouldn’t do.

It was only a few minutes reviewing my inventory of paint in rattle cans that I realized that I needed some darker gray paint. I had plenty of gray primer which serves as the defacto gray for the lighter shade but I didn’t have anything for the darker shade that I needed. Road trip time!

Luckily, at my first stop, I found just what I needed and was on my merry way. Two hours later, I had the light gray wall sections, the dark gray trim pieces and the green roofs (yes, that was an NKP practice as well) painted & drying in my dryer box. 48 hours later, I began assembly.

The kit was a snap-together model so assembly went very quickly. I did have to remove a little flash from a couple of the openings but I suppose that in about half an hour, things were completed. This included cutting & installing the “glass” for the window & door openings.For a much more permanent building, I did use regular model cement in the construction process. A couple of days later, after everything had dried, the building posed for its official company photograph.

Oh, what did I learn? I think that too often, we are led to believe that the cheap, junky stuff makes for poor models AND a poor layout. But I think that with this kit which cost me well under $15, a little paint and a little extra effort does really make a nice looking model come to life. So the next time you are agonizing over spending big bucks for the latest laser kit or the newest plastic super kit, consider one of these more modestly priced offerings. I’ll bet that with a little time & effort, you will be glad that you did.




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