Wolf of Wall Street

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I am not gonna die sober! – Jordan Belfort

So says the star of our movie, Leonardo DiCaprio, as his massive, expensive yacht runs into a storm.

Sure, we would like see our amoral character, Jordan Belfort, die a painful death because he is a greedy, shady stock market dealer.

I watched “The Wolf of Wall Street” to catch a glimpse into his world of drugs, women, more drugs and dirty deals. I wasn’t rooting for him; I wanted to see how his flame would be snuffed out.

This three-hour film directed by Martin Scorsese traces a small-time stock tip trader to his immense riches.

The FBI wants to know, too, how he made all this money.

DiCaprio does an outstanding job as this foul-mouthed character. His ride in first class of an airplane is priceless.

Rob Reiner does a good turn as Belfort’s dad, and Johan Hill is a riot as DiCaprio’s witless aide. Kyle Chandler nails it as the determined FBI agent tasked with tracking the bad guy.

The argument between DiCaprio and Hill concerning non-alcoholic beer is amusing.

Some may not appreciate the movie’s tone, but this is a sad morality play for our times.



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