Scratchbuilding Taken to a New Level!

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Milepost 822

Again, the Pirates have been busy and this latest example comes from one of the crew members. Harold is an early era model railroader and sometimes finds that cars specific to his era are kind of hard to find. There are a few wooden 36′ cars like those from Model Die Casting/Roundhouse and there are also cast resin kits. But the MDC kits are sometimes hard scarce and the resin kits can get expensive so Harold has come up with a novel solution… he scratchbuilds cars from time to time! U&D No 12 is one of his latest efforts.

While Harold does use some manufactured parts for details, etc, his primary medium for a car like this is Evergreen Styrene scribed car siding. It is some nice stuff to have in the supply box because it does have lots of uses in various building projects for the railroad. Detail parts through companies like Tichy provide most of the rest of the items that he needs then it’s lots & lots of measuring, cutting, gluing, squaring… you get the idea. But as can be seen here, the results are worth the time invested, especially to get a unique piece of rolling stock.


Finally, Harold threw out an interesting thought to the rest of the Pirates the other day when he showed us the following photograph of his car and suggested that since early era railroads were operated in the black & white photography age, why not take our pictures in b&W as well? From the looks of the image he shared with us, he may well be onto something…


Old photos tended to turn this kind of sepia tone so I thought I’d add that extra detail; his original photo is shown first. Yep, maybe he is on to something…




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