Even More on the FFW&W and a Correction…

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Milepost 821

I received some feed-back about a recent post that I did concerning the Findlay, Fort Wayne & Western Railroad that I wanted to share with the rest of those of you who lend me your ear every once in a while. First, the picture above shows the FFW&W station that was located on Findlay’s south side right about where Sixth Street currently corsses the railroad tracks. As we learn from the caption, this station wasn’t in use by 1918; I’m told that they ceased operations sometime in 1916.

This article appeared in an unknown Pennsylvania newspaper probably in the late 1890s regarding plans to turn the FFW&W into a new “trunk line” that would carry goods and passengers to and from the nation’s midsection to the East Coast. Interesting reading, but since the line was abandoned within the next twenty earrs, it’s fairly obvious that the plans just didnt work out.

Finally, a correction. The FFW&W was never part of the “Big Four” that it connected with here in Findlay. I mide the mistake from some materials that I had read concerning local railroads in the Findlay area.

A special thanks to my friend John who shared this additional FFW&W information with me.




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