Summer Vacation?

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Hot town, summer in the city – Lovin’ Spoonful

A certain sign that summer cannot be too far away is the fact that the calendar here at work is filling up with dates taken for vacation.

There is a science in selecting precious vacation days. Don’t want to crowd those weeks too close together, or that could mean a long stretch of time without relief from work.

Half-weeks of vacations can be judiciously used for long weekends of fun.

Here at work, vacations are handed out via a draft, with top picks awarded to employees in our newsroom with seniority. Since I’m near the top of that list – after more than two DECADES here – I don’t sweat finding prime vacation days.

Still, that doesn’t make it easy to find the right days. And you can bet it probably will rain and thunder during my vacations.

Arranging days to coincide with family menbers’ time off is harder than a long form for federal income taxes.

Also, I try to arrange vacation around my birthday because Congress has not seen fit yet to declare my birthday a national holiday.

And there’s golf and other activities to ponder.

It isn’t easy being me.



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