Heading Downtown?

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The traffic lights/They turn up blue tomorrow – Jimi Hendrix

Really don’t have a strong feeling about re-arranging the downtown parking in Findlay’s downtown because I don’t fully understand this, despite all the drawings and stories.

Plans apparently have been scrapped, but will it die?

I consider myself fair at parallel parking, but backing into a parking space? On Main Street? During rush hour? With a line of honking vehicles behind me? And what about snow removal?

Maybe I’d should just be forced to listen to a Justin Bieber song over and over as punishment instead of learning this new parking style.

Call me old-fashioned, but why the change? Will this really attract more traffic to downtown stores?

If this proposal comes to fruition, I can see the road rage incidents multiplying as a car waiting to back into a space gets blocked by another auto behind the first motorist.

How would these disputes be settled? Coin flips? Fisticuffs?

So why not have a practice parking area erected at the Hancock County Fairgrounds to prepare motorists for this proposal?

And if we don’t get our flooding issue resolved first, we might all have to learn how to park our boats backward into parking spaces.



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