More on the Findlay, Fort Wayne & Western Railroad

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I mentioned last time that a newspaper clipping piqued my interest in the Findlay, Fort Wayne & Western Railroad and how one could use Sanborn Maps to locate now abandoned railroads in cities where those maps were drawn. The map above shows the FFW&W as a red line coming in from the southeast towards the middle of town. Clicking on the map will make it larger so you can see more details.

I also mentioned that the line went across the south edge of Findlay right along Sixth Street and headed in almost a perfectly straight line to Fort Wayne. This line was so straight that the road earned the nickname of the “Tangent Line.” This part of the line met the line that went to Vanlue & Carey just east of Findlay. This would be just east of County Road 180 today.

Now for a little trivia… do you know why the Findlay Reservoir has a “funny corner” on the southwest corner of the older one? Well… the railroad line had pulled up its tracks but the right-of-way was never abandoned so the corner of the reservoir had to be modified a bit to accommodate the railroad’s right of way. The path of the old line can easily be seen in this aerial photo from Google. I’ve added a faint yellow line just below the railroad’s original right of way.

Even without the line, you can rather easily see the railroad’s right of way just above it. It is even more clear when you see the treeline in the lower right corner of the image.

Finally, even though I don’t have any photos of any Findlay, Fort Wayne & Western Railroad rolling stock, I am going to make up something to be on my railroad. I’ll steal some general ideas from other lines of the era and just wing it a little. So don’t be surprised if there is one more post here someday about the FFW&W… it will feature a photo of my “guessed at” model! Until next time…




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