Late Night Choices

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When midnight comes around/ I start to lose my mind – Kinks

Changes came to late night TV when Jimmy Fallon recently settled into Jay Leno’s chair on the Tonight Show.

Former SNLer Seth Meyers then assumed Fallon’s Late Night seat on NBC.

My habit was to view Late Night with Dave Letterman on CBS before Craig Ferguson‘s Late, Late Show.

I’ve watched Letterman since his morning show on NBC in 1980.

Being a Letterman fan, I wasn’t pleased when he didn’t land the Tonight Show after Johnny Carson retired.

I’ve held a small grudge against Leno for his reported moves behind the scenes. That’s show business.

Dave is making millions, so I don’t feel bad.

I sampled Fallon’s first week on the Tonight Show. He tries WAY too hard to ingratiate himself with guests. And why does he high-five the audience at the end of each show?

On CBS, I liked Ferguson because he is quick at improvising and has an amusing robot skeleton sidekick.

Now, Ferguson competes with Meyers. Each night I await Meyers’ take on the day’s headlines, so Craig got bumped from my viewership.

Meyers’ banter with band leader Fred Armisen is funny.

The TV wars continue.



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