That Sinking Feeling

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Save my life/ I’m going down for the last time – Head East

I missed my turn while driving on East Sandusky Street and decided to turn around in a vacant parking lot.

It was late February and slush covered an empty parking lot.

My auto became stuck. I muttered choice words before trying to push, with my hands and feet, the slush beneath my wheels.

I then raced the engine in a futile attempt to rock my vehicle out of this trap.

And I needed to head home and grab a shower before going to work.

One well-meaning person tried to help by pushing the SIDE of my car, for reasons unclear. He left. Heaven love him, though.

Tried to rock my car again, but the auto sank deeper into the slushy mire. My feet and hands were soaked and cold.

Two other young men stopped to help. They both pushed the rear of my vehicle, and I was wary about skidding into other autos on two lanes of traffic.

Eventually I was freed from my slushy hell and sped onto the roadway, waving to the two souls who had come to my aid.

Lesson learned.



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