When Life Gives You Lemons…

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Milepost 808

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” And that’s how this picture came to pass. I’m not sure where you are when you read this but here in NW Ohio, this winter seems to have been particularly rough. Perhaps I’ve added a few years since my childhood days when lots of snow would have simply been the opportunity to go out and pick up some folding money or when bitterly cold temperatures simply meant that you pulled the flaps down on your hat, but this one has been kind of rugged. I think that Toledo is saying that this winter, we have had the most snowfall on record and the low temps and strong winds have combined to create some of the all-time lowest wind chill readings as well. So when we finally got a break the other day, it was time to go out and take some railroad snow pictures.

We headed north to the CSX main and parked along a road near the tracks. The light was fading fast and my hopes of getting a few nice shots with brilliant white snow had pretty much faded when I heard a westbound sounding for the Rangeline Road crossing. I had my camera at the ready and jumped out just in time to snap a few shots including this one.

Picture taking in the snow does create a few unique situations that one must be aware of. First, it is the light itself. Just as you squint from sunlight coming off of the white snow, you camera in effect does the same thing IF it can. Otherwise, your pictures may well be overexposed and way too white. You must also be mindful of the cold weather itself since many camera sensors don’t take kindly to being cold for very long. And then there’s fog on the lens. Typically, that is a problem when the camera has been cold and gets warm but it can still create issues. Be mindful of them but don’t let them stop you from grabbing a nice shot or two during this time of the year.

And, while it certainly isn’t a railroad related photo, I did want to share this one with you as well. I kind of consider it our reward for being out in the NW Ohio cold. As I’ve said so many times, you never know just what you might see along the right of way…




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