More on J.J. Young, the Ohio Valley Railroad Photographer

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Milepost 802

Back in January of 2009, I wrote about a display in Wheeling, West Virginia, of photos taken by John J. Young Jr. (Milepost 184). John was the unofficial railroad photographer in the Ohio Valley and it is believed he took as many as 20,000 railroad related pictures in the Tri-state area. Recently, there was a post on one of the Baltimore & Ohio Yahoo Groups about an article in the Wheeling Intelligencer that sheds more light on John’s life-long love of trains. You can find the article here:


While the article doesn’t mention it, I’ve heard that some folks have tried unsuccessfully to gain access to his photo collection that has not yet been donated to various organizations. Let’s hope that these images somehow end up in the hands of those who understand and appreciate the value of them.

Enjoy the article.




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