Shouldering the Load

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Hurt so good – John Mellencamp

You must be weary of hearing people complain about the snow, but allow me to add my complaints.

If have to shovel my driveway and porch again this wicked winter, I’ll go crazy.

I’ll hit the Bieber-level of nuts.

If the Weather Channel dares mentions the word: snow, I will cry, scream and curse the weather gods and their relatives.

This all came to a tipping point one Tuesday night when I got home from work and decided to scrap five inches of snow from the driveway.

The next morning, however, the driveway looked untouched, thanks to blowing, drifting snow.

My sore shoulders and back protested the prospect of another grueling chore of removing snow and chipping ice off my auto.

There was no option, so I plunged into the cold and spent 45 minutes attempting to find the pavement that once was a driveway.

I did the best I could until it was time to head for work. Wondrous to relate, I was able to steer my car from the driveway.

My Grandma always said February is a short month of winter, so hang on.

Just hope my arms hang on.



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