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You’re as cold as ice – Foreigner

In five months or so, I bet I will post a whiny blog about how hot and miserable the weather is.

But right now, in this freezing Arctic vortex or whatever it’s called, I can’t see that day from where I sit.

Mind-numbing cold.

If I don’t get a heart attack from shoveling snow, the shock of opening a bill for electrical service surely will be the death of me.

Crossing my fingers while the battery of my auto turns over is another fateful game of this cruel winter.

For the record, my beautiful car hasn’t let me down this frigid season. (Did I jinx myself?)

And there’s that sick feeling of driving a vehicle that skids on ice, never really sure of where or when it will stop.

Despite my moanings, I remind myself that I’d rather face freezing temperatures instead of the ominous news of an oncoming tornado.

Snow eventually melts, but a tornado is a terrifying matter, in my book.

If I had a choice, I would rather be on a chair on my porch with a beverage in hand.

And the cold days in February will be a distant memory..



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