Some Weathering Ideas (Part II)

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Milepost 798

Shortly after Eric’s original post, several of the others joined in and we had a virtual smorgasboard of weathering ideas and examples. I thought I’d share some of those results with you in the next few posts.

Weathered Hopper 03

Weathered Interiors

There are a lot of noteworthy things that one could comment about based on the photos shown here but I did want to be sure to point out the picture showing weathering applied to the insides of the hoppers & gondola pictured here. Keep in mind that coal and other bulk commodities is just usually dumped into these cars with minimal regard to the damage that it would do to the car’s interior and paint. So after a few loadings & unloadings, a lot of the paint on the car’s interior would be gone, subjecting the car interior to rust & corrosion. In addition, some of the dust from coal or crushed stone would stick around making a real interesting pattern of wear & tear on the car.

Too many times, we see cars that are nicely weathered on the outside have a new-looking, pristine interior. We need to keep in mind that was simply not the case in the real world of railroading.




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