Southern Ohio Traction & Light Company

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Milepost 795

Several weeks ago, my friend Mike stopped by and had some photos that he wanted to share with me. One of them was a picture of a car he had seen at a swap meet and he was wondering if I could knock out a set of decals for that car. We looked on the Internet but could find no reference to a “Southern Ohio Traction & Light Company” so I’m reasonably sure that the car doesn’t represent a particular prototype. Besides, I wouldn’t think a traction company would own any reefers but stranger things have happened in the world of railroading.

As you can see, it wasn’t the clearest/sharpest photo but there was enough detail to get the idea of what the markings would look like so I went to work. A few days later, I gave him a call and he stopped by and picked up two sets of the decals.

About a week after that, he stopped by with the finished car as seen in the first photo… and gave it to me! COOL! He knew that I liked wooden reefers and this one would certainly be a rather unique addition to my way-too-large fleet.


He didn’t bring the other car but he did say that he did his up in reefer orange. That would have looked good as well… but not as good as the one he did for me!




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