Who Are You?

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Is it a boy or is it a girl? Takes all kinds to make our world turn around – Donovan

To be clear, I have no problem with women dancing with women.

Yet we need to be EXACTLY clear about the identity of our dance partners. That avoids confusion and arrests.

According to local authorities, a woman at a New Year’s Eve party in a Hancock County village decided to dance with a person she thought was another woman.

But the first woman’s husband confronted the two on the dance floor and insisted his wife’s dance partner was actually a man in a woman’s dress.

Alcohol probably was a factor in this case of mistaken identity.

The wife maintained her dance partner was a female because the person was, in her words, wearing a dress and heels.

Sounded reasonable, but the man and wife then began to argue and then fight. Now there was a problem.

Deputies were summoned to this party, and the man was taken to jail for fighting his wife.

Not sure how a deputy could have ascertained the true identity of the second woman.

So can we blame the dress and the high heel shoes?



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