What the… SKETCHUP??!?

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Milepost 792

If someone ever tells you I have an ornery streak in me… well, you KNOW from reading my ramblings here that such a statement is so far from the truth that… Hmmm… that’s not working, huh? Well… OK… I have been known to yank someone’s leg or poke some occasional fun at a friend and/or fellow modeler. Hence the now somewhat infamous Sketchup car.

In the past, I’ve told you about The Pirate and his crew and some of our antics along the way. One of the original crewmembers, Dave, seems fascinated with the whole concept of 3D printing and has drawn & had printed several detail parts for some rather unique cars he has built. He only has one part printed then used it to make molds to cast his own resin parts. And, don’t tell him I said so but he is pretty good at it.

The programs required to do 3D printing must be capable of drawings that can be output in CAD format. While many CAD programs are pretty expensive, the Sketchup program is actually a freebie. And, according to Dave at least, it is more than adequate to provide the files necessary to have 3D objects printed. He has used it quite a bit and has been pretty successful each time with the results.

Now, get a bunch of nrnery guys together then try to keep a straight face while talking about a program named Sketchup… and you soon have all of the inuendos you can handle. Dave messed up his model by putting Sketchup on it… “Do you want Sketchup with your fries?” etc. So it seemed a natural when I ran across my old artwork for Heinz Tomato Ketchup to be slightly modified to become Heinz Tomato Sketchup! Fortunately, I still had the original font on my computer so I only had to drop the “K” then add the “Sk” to the original and I was pretty much ready to go. Shifting the new word slightly to the right finished the prep and the printer was soon humming with the newly created lampoon.

I did have to push myself to put the decals on the car then assemble it but the task was completed just a day or so after Christmas. Without letting Dave know what was going on, I informed the other members of the Crew and they all got a chuckle out of my efforts. Finally, the package was shipped and about 4 days later, I got an email confirming its receipt and thanking me for my efforts. Then it was time to re-release the above photo to the rest of the crew and have a little more fun at Dave’s expense. After all, model railroading IS supposed to be fun… we each have to take our turn being a victim once in a while. That’s what good natured humor is all about.

So the Sketchup car now rides proudly on Dave’s rails and will no doubt be something that will be referenced in future exchanges among the Pirates every time Dave tries to tell us about… SKETCHUP!




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