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While I really enjoy laying out decals on my computer then printing them with my ALPS printer, actually putting them on is a different story. I don’t know why, but I really have to be “in the mood” to do this kind of work. Maybe it’s because you really have to have patience and can set aside a rather large block of time to do it. Add to that the set-up and take down time getting the equipment together… anyway, the other day I decided to clean up some older decal projects that have been laying around for quite some time.

I’m not sure of the reach of Bob Evans’ farm sausage and their related restaurant chain but Bob is quite popular here in the Midwest. From humble beginnings here in Ohio, the company has grown to include their original sausage products, side dishes and a rather extensive restaurant chain. So when I peeled the label of of a package of sausage, this one seemed like a natural reefer project.

Who can resist the nostalgia of the old Pepsi-Cola logo? It also seemed right at home on a wooden reefer so a search of the Internet turned up just what I needed; an older logo that was easy to modify and place on a wooden reefer.

You may remember some time ago that I wrote about buying some letterring blueprints for wooden reefers. Well, this is the result of one of those purchases. I have the original lettering blueprint for the Illinois Onion Set Growers Exchange and used it to create this set of decals. That should be an interesting conversation piece when I can point to the blueprint on the wall and then to the car rolling along on the layout.

I’ve always liked the lettering on the Prima car so decided to do one of those as well. Had I been patient, I could have waited for one to come up on Ebay as the old Train Miniature Inc. did this particular scheme on their wooden reefers. But I’ve never been one to wait around for too long so I got busy and cranked this one out.

Finally, I’ve told you about my friend & former supervisor Jim who REALLY LIKES WHITE CASTLE! So this one’s Jim’s car. Again, it was pretty easy to find the necessary logo on the Internet and simply build the rest of the car’s markings around it.

In each case, the cars are all Athearn 40′ wooden refrigerator cars that came in kit form years ago. I was fortunate enough to have them run me 100 of them painted but unlettered. That makes it really nice to simply grab a car, print the decals and put them together. One of these days, this kind of project will be no more… my faithful ALPS printer gets older and older. Rumor has it that ribbons for it will no longer be available soon. Plus, I’m down to just a handful of unlettered reefers. But it has been a real treat creating these very unique cars over the years.




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