Runaway Train Report

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Milepost 790

Several years ago, there was a runaway train here in Northwest Ohio that passed right through Findlay. It created quite a stir and traveled for quite some time and distance before it was slowed down enough for some CSX employees to jump aboard and get it under control. Engine 8888 was at the head end of the train and is pictured here. At a recent B&O Historical Society convention held here in Findlay, this copy of the report was distributed to convention attendees. I thought you might enjoy reading it.

Download 12-18-2013 CSX8888

Considering the potential for disaster, the whole event was almost a non-event. While it did become the inspiration of the movie UNSTOPPABLE, the actual events were very tame compared to the edge-of-your-seat excitement as portrayed in the flick. But, that’s Hollywood!





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