Baby, You Can Drive My Car

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I’m movin’ on, movin’ on from town to town
I’m movin’ on, little darlin’, I can’t seem to slow me down – Bad Company

She enjoys telling me where to go, this voice inside my auto.

Her name is Samantha and she came with a new Garmin GPS that maps out locations.

Just plug in an address and she is tasked with delivering me safely to my destination.

You can’t argue with Samantha. Found that out during a holiday trip to Columbus.

Prior to my trip home, I tapped my address into the Garmin.

But Samantha wanted me to take an unfamiliar exit, one that would send me toward Indianapolis, or so I thought.

Indianapolis is probably a lovely place to visit, but not on this date when I wanted to get home.

I ignored Samantha’s directive while looking for U.S. 23 North.

“Do a U turn,” Samantha announced in her demanding tone.

Sure, Sam, like I’m gonna do a U turn across six lanes of holiday traffic near Columbus. Why not send me to the nearest hospital?

“Do a U turn,” she reiterated with attitude.

Not finding U.S. 23, I relented and did her bidding and headed home.

Thanks, Sam, Now where’s your mute button?



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