Rousseff faces ‘political suicide bomber,’ removal threat

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — If the worst economic crisis in a decade, a massive corruption scandal centered on her ruling party and approval ratings in the single digits weren’t rough enough for Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, she’s now faced with a...

What killed Knut? Riddle of polar bear’s death solved

BERLIN (AP) — The sudden death four years ago of Knut, the celebrity Berlin Zoo polar bear who ended up on the cover of Vanity Fair, shocked his fans around the world and posed a riddle for veterinarians anxious to keep other animals from suffering the same fate….

French police dismantle Roma camp on Paris outskirts

LA COURNEUVE, France (AP) — Police cleared out one of France’s biggest and oldest Roma camps on Thursday, dismantling a sprawling network of makeshift shelters next to a Paris region highway in the pouring rain….

Scientists squabble while Africa’s only penguins perish

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP) — They’re cute, knee-high, they bray like donkeys and are a tourist attraction near Cape Town. But African Penguins – the continent’s only species of the flightless bird – are at risk of extinction….

Guatemalan prosecutors urge president to resign amid scandal

GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — The attorney general’s office of Guatemala is urging embattled President Otto Perez Molina to step down….

UK immigration at record high as topic is hotly debated

LONDON (AP) — Britain gained almost 330,000 people through migration in the year to March 31, official figures showed Thursday. It’s the highest figure on record and a headache for the Conservative government amid a political storm about immigration….

Sinkhole in China captured on video swallowing 5 people

BEIJING (AP) — A sinkhole in a northeastern Chinese city has swallowed five people in dramatic scenes that were captured on video….

Austrian Police: at least 20 migrants found dead in truck

VIENNA (AP) — At least 20 migrants were found dead Thursday in a truck parked on the shoulder of an Austrian highway leading from the Hungarian border, police said….

Migration, anti-extremism focus of Western Balkans summit

VIENNA (AP) — Seeking to stem the flow of Mideast migrants, Austria’s foreign minister on Thursday floated elements of a five-point plan that foresees establishing safe havens in the region where those seeking asylum in the EU could be processed and – if they...

Beware manspreading, enjoy wine o’clock: new Oxford words

LONDON (AP) — Manspreading is so widespread it’s now a word….