Deadly crashes involving US casino buses since late 1990s

Authorities are investigating the cause of the bus crash Sunday that killed 13 passengers headed home from a trip to a California casino. Here is a list of deadly crashes involving casino buses:…

Guard seeks federal aid to soldiers told to return bonuses

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Members of Congress from both parties and national veterans leaders on Monday called for federal action to absolve the debts of nearly 10,000 soldiers who have been ordered by the Pentagon to repay in enlistment bonuses a decade after they signed...

For some low-income workers, retirement is only a dream

CHICAGO (AP) — It was a striking image. A photo of an 89-year-old man hunched over, struggling to push his cart with frozen treats. Fidencio Sanchez works long hours every day selling the treats because he couldn't afford to retire. The photo and his story went...

Witness: Officers in polygamous towns try to stop evictions

PHOENIX (AP) — A key witness in the federal government's effort to disband the police department in a polygamous community on the Arizona-Utah border told a judge Monday that officers routinely turn a blind eye to property crimes….

Man won’t get to cover neo-Nazi tattoos during murder trial

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A Las Vegas man who was allowed to use makeup to cover his neo-Nazi tattoos during his robbery trial and conviction in in August will not get to hide them during his upcoming murder trial punishable by the death penalty, a judge has ruled….

Frequent exams only treatment for pregnant woman with Zika

MIAMI (AP) — Yessica Flores is getting ultrasounds more frequently than the average pregnant woman, but there's a cruel downside accompanying the joy of seeing how much her unborn daughter grows every few weeks: fear of possible defects caused by Zika….

Democrats, GOP think Trump could cost GOP House seats

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Clasping the $4,000 check that Orlando area real estate agents handed him, Rep. John Mica stood in the F&D Cantina restaurant and described his pathway to a 13th term in Congress….

Suspect in killings, carjackings, cop shootings on the run

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Authorities are hunting for a man suspected of killing his aunt and uncle, shooting two police officers, stealing a patrol car and carjacking other vehicles in a violent rampage in the Oklahoma City area, all while apparently taunting law enforcement...

Looking out for No. 2: Dogs sniff out fecal pollution

FAIR HAVEN, N.J. (AP) — Some specially trained dogs are helping humans curb themselves….

Senate control may be at stake in GOP-friendly Missouri

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — The clamor for change fueling Republican Donald Trump's presidential campaign may help a little-known Democrat upset a powerful GOP senator in red-state Missouri on Election Day. And with just a handful of competitive races around the...