Idiots Like this Give All Railfans a Bad Reputation

Milepost 837 Watch the person on the right in a black hoodie & jeans about one minute into the video. What a fool! Remember, STAY AWAY FROM THE TRACKS! No one has ever won a contest with a train on the tracks. dlm

Dallas Buyers Club

I prefer to die with my boots on – Ron Woodroof The outset of the HIV scare in the 1980s didn’t seem like a topic for a popular movie. The fear. The homophobia. The inaction. Finally got around to watching “Dallas Buyers Club” that brought Matthew...

Combres & Toltec Shot from a Drone

Milepost 836 This video is primarily to show off the capabilities of drone-taken video but since it is of a steam railroad, it has to be a good thing. Enjoy the video. dlm

Altoona, Part II

Milepost 835 One of the more interesting trains that we saw while in Altoona was the tractor train. The entire train was made up of International Case and John Deere combines. The train was headed east so I’m guessing that these combines were headed for an ocean voyage. I...

A Sidetrip through Pennsylvania on the Way Home

Milepost 834 Many of you know that our daughter is getting married in June of this year. One of the little tidbits that Janet & I wanted at the wedding are these absolutely delicious peanut butter & chocolate covered pretzels that are made by the Boyer Candy Company in...

Stormy Weather, Anyone?

Where might we find a land as white as snow? – U 2 Tornado watches. Flood warnings. Wild fires. Wasn’t it just yesterday that Level Three winter emergencies were all the norm in our area? At that time, we hoped for warmer weather to get back into gardens and onto golf...

The Nickel Plate Historical & Technical Society

Milepost 833 As many of you know, I am the Membership Director of the Nickel Plate Historical and Technical Society. The NKPHTS was founded in 1966, two years after the New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad, the Nickel Plate Road, ceased to exist due to a merger with the...

C&O USRA 2-6-6-2 will be Returned to the Rails!

Milepost 832 Folks, this is B-I-G! You can read the announcement for yourself but the whole thing in a nutshell is that the B&O Museum in Baltimore will be transferring C&O 2-6-6-2 #1309 to the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad for restoration and operation on its line....


Milepost 831 They were odd looking contraptions built for a specific reason but the camelbacks or “Mother Hubbards” certainly were a unique locomotive. While most locomotives had their cabs in the back of the boiler, the camelback was developed to burn anthracite coal...

Now THIS is a (1:1) Model Railroad!

Milepost 830 This is a really neat youtube video about the building of the railroad and trains used in the filming of THE LONE RANGER movie. dlm