Findlay school board to decide whether to put security levy on ballot

Findlay school board will meet next Thursday to decide whether to put a safety and security levy on the November ballot.

If the board proceeds with a levy, and voters approve it, Findlay City Schools Superintendent Ed Kurt said the district will spend the funds in three areas: security personnel; mental health; and safety and security equipment and training.

The board will vote on a “resolution of necessity” during a meeting at 7:30 a.m. Thursday. An amount for the levy will be determined by that time.

“We’re not going to talk about placement” of security personnel, Kurt said, but they would be “distributed” throughout the district.

Currently, security staff are based at the high school and go elsewhere as needed.

To address mental health, the district would employ clinical counselors who could recommend and coordinate outside services for students who need them. Outside personnel could come work with students at school with their parents’ permission, Kurt said.

The district would like to coordinate security camera feeds with the police dispatch center, so that dispatchers can see what is happening in real time.

While Findlay City Schools already conducts ALICE training and drills, this would give the district specific funding for those areas, Kurt said.

“Right now, we have to scratch and dig,” he said.



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