Permits required before repairing damaged structures in floodplain

The City of Findlay is reminding residents that all structures within the 100-year floodplain require permits for repairs.

The city says that for properties in the 100-year flood plain that sustained flood damage and have flood insurance, one of the following must be submitted to the City of Findlay Zoning Office:

  • a damage assessment from an insurance adjuster or licensed appraiser
  • at least one estimate from a general contractor

An appraised value of the structure before the flood event occurred must also be submitted. The tax appraised value from the Hancock County Auditor’s website is also appropriate.

For uninsured property in the floodplain, at least one estimate from a general contractor or a damage assessment from a licensed appraiser is acceptable. An appraised value of the structure prior to the flood event or the tax appraised value from the County Auditor’s Office is also appropriate.

Residents may do what is necessary to secure the building and continue the clean up effort:

  • Removing and disposing of damaged contents, carpeting, wallboard, and insulation is encouraged.
  • Property owners may cover holes in roofs or walls and secure windows and doors to prevent further damage from inclement weather.
  • They may also remove sagging floors and shore up broken foundations to render the building safe to enter.

Once the structure has been secured and the clean up effort is complete, the city says that a flood development permit before any repair begins. Permit fees have been waived.

Because the city is a participant of the National Flood Insurance Program, Findlay is mandated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to assess damages and enforce permit requirements. As a result, the city says anyone who performs a repair without first obtaining a flood development permit will be prosecuted.

Contact the zoning office at 419-424-7108 for more information.

Additionally, any commercial property or multi-family dwellings containing 4 or more dwelling units must also contact Wood County Building Inspection at 419-354-9190 for building permit requirements.

Permit applications and additional information is available online at




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