Blanchard at minor flood stage; Eagle and Lye creeks fall

The rain-swollen Blanchard River has crested at Findlay and has receded to minor flood stage.
The river level crested at 12.37 feet Saturday afternoon, which is moderate flood stage. It fell to 11.79 feet by 11 p.m. Saturday, which is considered minor flooding.
Two creeks that flow into the river at Findlay, Eagle and Lye creeks, have fallen below flood stage, the National Weather Service reported.
The Blanchard River is expected to recede below minor flood stage early Sunday, the weather service said.
Minor flood stage at Findlay begins at a height of 11 feet. Moderate flood stage starts at 12 feet, and major flood stage begins at 13.5 feet.
When the river level reaches 8 feet, water covers low-lying portions of South River Road and Howard Street on the west side of Findlay.
At 9 feet, flooding occurs on low-lying roads along the river west of Findlay, including Hancock County 140.
At 10 feet, water reaches East Main Cross Street near Lye Creek.

At 11 feet, flooding affects areas near Riverside Park and East Main Cross Street.

At 12 feet, water impacts River Street and Apple Alley on the west side of Findlay, Blanchard Street between Sandusky and Main Cross streets, and several streets south of Clinton Court near Riverside Park.

Eagle Creek reached a height of 10.46 feet Saturday, which is considered moderate flooding by the creek, then fell to 6.27 feet by 10 p.m.
Lye Creek reached a height of 6.5 feet Friday night, which is considered minor flooding by that creek. The creek level fell to 3.29 feet by 10 p.m. Saturday.
About 1.26 inches of rain fell Thursday on Findlay, according to measurements taken at the Findlay Airport, and another 1.12 inches came down Friday. Very little rain fell Saturday.
Heavier rain reportedly fell in the southern part of Hancock County on Thursday and Friday.
Downstream at Ottawa, the Blanchard River is at minor flood stage, and is expected to stay at that level. The river level at Ottawa was 25.27 feet at 10:30 p.m. Saturday. Minor flood stage at Ottawa starts at 23 feet, and moderate flood stage begins at 27 feet.
The weather service predicted a crest of 25.5 feet around 8 a.m. Sunday.
At 23 feet, lowland flooding occurs mainly in south Ottawa. Floodwater also gets into low farmlands. At 25 feet, flooding begins along south Walnut and west Second streets on the south side of Ottawa.

Elsewhere in Putnam County, minor flooding is occurring on the Ottawa River near Kalida, and the Auglaize River near Fort Jennings.



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