Marathon workers happiest in nation, Business Insider says

Marathon Petroleum has the most satisfied workers in the U.S., reported Business Insider, in New York, on Thursday.

Marathon Petroleum was competing with nearly 400 companies among the Fortune 500 based on employees’ survey responses. Marathon Petroleum ranks 33rd on the Fortune 500 list, and it employs 1,900 at its Findlay headquarters.

It beat natural gas and energy producer Devon Energy Corp., Oklahoma City, Okla.; natural gas provider El Paso Energy Corp., Houston, which was bought by Kinder Morgan in 2012; and biotechnology company Celgene Corp., in Summit, N.J. They all tied for second place. Fifth place went to consumer products maker Colgate-Palmolive Co., New York City.

Ninety-three percent of Marathon Petroleum respondents reported being extremely satisfied or fairly satisfied with their jobs, said Melissa Stanger, associate editor of lists and rankings for Business Insider.

The vast majority of them also find their jobs to be meaningful. Seventy-four percent responded “very much so” and “yes” when asked if their jobs make the world a better place, Stanger said.

“We appreciate this recognition that is based on employee input, as we are constantly striving to ensure we provide a good work environment, opportunities and challenging jobs,” said Angelia Graves, director of public and state government affairs for Marathon Petroleum.

Marathon Petroleum also ranked 11th on Business Insider’s Best Employers list. That list was based on employee pay and other compensation and employees’ survey responses about job satisfaction, meaningfulness, stress levels, schedule flexibility and experience.

Employee pay was weighed twice as much as the other factors in the best employers list, Stanger said.

Marathon Petroleum pays competitively, she said. But what really stood out in the surveys was its employees’ satisfaction and the meaning employees found in their work, she said.



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