Pastor details run for Congress

Ohio’s 5th Congressional District deserves a fighter who will speak up for the middle class, one candidate for the job said Thursday.

Robert Fry, 63, met with members of The Courier to discuss his efforts at unseating Rep. Bob Latta, R-Bowling Green.

Fry said he would not be beholden to the Democratic Party or corporate influence.

“Maybe someone with a solid voice, that is not intimidated by money, not intimidated by power, not intimidated by people, just might be able to say something when they get there,” he said.

Fry is a pastor at Heritage Church of God in Maumee. The church has about 300 active members and provides Fry bipartisan support, he said.

“I have Republicans, Democrats, independents, people who don’t vote. I also see them trusting me and supporting me. If they will do that, I believe the district might,” he said.

Courier reporter Ryan Dunn will have more in tomorrow’s newspaper



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