I-75 slow, but passable, as ODOT fights snow, ice, wind

I-75 and state highways continue to be slow going as Ohio Department of Transportation crews battle the wind and ice to keep them passable.

Routes remain extremely icy, and are likely to be in that condition through Wednesday, District 1, based in Lima, is reporting.

The 90-truck fleet in District 1 is adding fuel conditioner to its winter-blend diesel to prevent “gelling” that can occur with frigid temperatures. Operators are also being instructed to keep salt spinners operating at medium speed to keep hydraulics warm.

“This event is a plowing operation only at the moment due to blowing and drifting which continues to occur and due to the extreme temperatures which negate the effect of salt and other material,” said Rhonda Pees, public information officer for District 1. “Blowing snow and wind chill will continue to be a challenge for the next 18-24 hours.”



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