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Britain Ministry of Fun Santa ‘Gets Schooled’

Performers dressed as Santa Claus stand posed in a line during a photocall for the media for the Ministry of Fun Santa School outside the Ragged School...
Trump Burger for 'Big Boys'

How ’bout a Japanese Trump Burger?!

President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ate burgers from Munch’s Burger Shack on Trump’s recent visit to Japan. Since...
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Virginia Zoo investigating possible sighting of missing red panda

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — The Virginia Zoo is investigating a possible sighting of its missing red panda months after it vanished. Zoo director Greg Bockheim...
Eastern Bobcat

Video of 4 bobcats in suburban area shows healthy population

WILLISTON, Vt. (AP) — Vermont’s top wildlife official says an amateur video of four bobcats frolicking in a suburban neighborhood shows that the...
File Photo - Yellow-headed Parrot

Screams of “Help!” prompt 911 call, only to find Diego the screaming Parrot

  CLACKAMAS, Ore. (AP) — A deliveryman in Oregon who heard a woman’s screams for help had his wife call 911, but when a deputy showed up it...
Pumpkin Caper Lineup

Vanishing Pumpkin Caper Criminals Caught

Police post ‘pumpkin lineup’ of stolen squash, teens charged MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. (AP) — Police who caught three teenagers orange-handed with...
Dramatic Koala Bear Rescue

Video: Cute Koala Rescued from Aussie Rig

A Koala bear that took refuge on top of a drilling rig construction site in Adelaide, Australia was rescued early Tuesday according to local Australian...

Cops: Frat party cited for indoor waterfall, minors drinking

Cops: Frat party cited for indoor waterfall, minors drinking Associated Press – 6 September 2017 14:23-04:00 Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All...