Here is a TEST list of winners of races in Ohio.

Owners meet, hope to move quickly on Sterling

AP Photo/Danny Moloshok NEW YORK (AP) — The NBA owners’ advisory/finance committee has held its first meeting about Donald Sterling and is committed to ending his ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers “as expeditiously as possible.” The 10-member committee...


The following are TEST returns.


TEST BULLETIN (AP) — The following is a TEST. Nick Skeriotis, GOP, nominated State House, District 75, Ohio. AP Elections 05-01-2014 14:45


TEST BULLETIN (AP) — The following is a TEST. John Adams, GOP, nominated U.S. House, District 3, Ohio. AP Elections 05-01-2014 14:45

Explosion kills 9 in Nigerian capital, Abuja

ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — A car bomb exploded on a busy road in Nigeria’s capital Thursday night and killed at least nine people, officials and witnesses said. The bomb exploded near a checkpoint across the road from a busy bus station where a massive explosion blasted...

Rosie Napravnik chasing history in Kentucky Derby

AP Photo/Garry Jones LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — In the male-dominated world of horse racing, Anna Rose Napravnik (nah-PRAHV’-nik) figured she’d have better luck if nobody noticed a woman’s name in the track program. She started out her career disguising her...

The college search of days past: Three applications and no whirlwind

As a college professor, I enjoyed Melinda Henneberger’s account of her college tours with her daughter [“In our college search, a tour de farce,” Outlook, April 27]. I’ve overheard many misguided guides over the years, but a “condom cabinet,” really? The article also...

Tighter rules on for-profit colleges protect the most at-risk students

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Going beyond Donald Sterling’s comments to free speech, affirmative action and sexism

The Post’s April 29 editorial “Where race ‘still matters’ ” argued that the revelation that some old racists are out there justifies the continued use of racial preferences in university admissions, so that our youngsters can learn through racial “interacting” that...